Jennifer Ashley King

Jennifer Ashley King has been a visual artist for over ten years and is based in Melbourne Australia. Jennifer's current practice is informed by the interconnections between the environment (built and natural), light and materiality. Her sculptures are simultaneously surface and structure and are constructed from hundreds of cut glass shards that are tack-fused and manipulated using heat and gravity.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has exhibited in Australia and internationally. She has been selected as a finalist for many high profile awards and prizes including the 2011 Stanislav Libensky Award in the Czech Republic and the 2010 Ranamok Glass Prize in Australia.

In 2013, Jennifer recently travelled to the Corning Museum of Glass in the United States of America spending time at the prestigious Rakow Research Library. Jennifer was also invited to participate in the Kiln Forming and Kiln Casting Residency at North Lands Creative Glass in Scotland in 2012.